Breaking News: Dance Gavin Dance Release New Music Video For The Single “Young Robot”


Dance Gavin Dance have just released the 3rd single off their upcoming album “Mothership”.  Up until now I wasn’t too crazy anout the singles that were released earlier, however I was definitely looking forward to hearing “Young Robot” and “Man of the Year”.  After listening to this new single I’m blown away by how good this song is and why this wasn’t the first single released for the album.  This track alone makes me way more excited for the album than the other two singles combined.  And the music video absolutely trumps the video for “Betrayed By The Game”, which I actually enjoyed myself.

“Young Robot” starts off with a beautiful flute melody that is accompanied by a clean guitar playing a riff in the background.  The song then jumps into a anthem-like chorus very similar to the greatest tracks off DGD’s last two records.  The track itself shows a perfect mix between the pop-influenced, experimental sound on “Acceptance Speech” and the funk based sound heard on “Happiness”.  These two records are some of my favorites by DGD, so its fair to say this single is phenomenal in my opinion.  The lyricism by Tilian Pearson and Jon Mess is some of the first memorable lyricism to be heard so far off “Mothership”.

The music video, which features artwork designed by the legendary Mattias Adolfsson, tells the story of The Robot With Human Hair as what appears to be a young robot in school.  I was ecstatic to see that “The Robot With Human Hair” song series was starting back up again with the addition of a prequel to the story.  I’m a huge fan of these DGD song series’ and seeing this new addition made me love this single even more.

I’ve attached the video to this post for those who want to watch.  There is so much I want to say about this album so far but I will wait until the entire record is released so I can write a full album review to properly address my thoughts on it.  Get stoked for new DGD, watch the new music video, and be sure to pre-order the new album, “Mothership”!