Update: Thomas Giles (Tommy Rodgers of BTBAM) Releases Second Single Off Upcoming Album “Velcro_Kid”


About a month ago, Tommy Rodgers, the vocalist of Between The Buried And Me (BTBAM) announced that his solo project, titled “Thomas Giles”, had signed to Sumerian Records and that a new album would be released on November 4th.  With the announcement for the upcoming record, “Velcro_Kid”, Giles included his first single “Strangers in a Paranoid Mind”.  This single featured a more aggressive, Nine Inch Nails inspired sound which resulted in a weird, but very good track.  The second single, “Slow Gold Becoming”, was released earlier today and features a totally different sound than that of “Strangers in a Paranoid Mind”.  “Slow Gold Becoming” showcases a rock influenced, almost spacey sounding, trance/edm track that even has some very slight but noticeable Bassnectar influences.  This new song is both interesting and extremely catchy and has caused my anticipation for this record to grow exponentially!

I’ve attached the video for this new single below for those who want to give it a listen and I’ve also posted the link for the blog about the first single and album announcement.  Give these two stellar tracks a listen and preorder the new Thomas Giles album, “Velcro_Kid”!


Breaking News: Tommy Rodgers of Between The Buried And Me Signs To Sumerian Records For New Solo Album


Between The Buried And Me’s frontman Tommy Rodgers has just signed with Sumerian Records under his solo project, “Thomas Giles”.  His new album, “Velcro_Kid”, will be released November 4th and a single, “Strangers in a Paranoid Mind”, has been released to promote it.

Based off the single it seems like the project will have an industrial electronic sound, very similar to Nine Inch Nails.  The single itself also had some similar aspects to Marilyn Manson, however I believe that will only be seen on this single and that the album itself will keep this NIN theme as a main inspiration throughout the project.  The single itself sounded odd in a good way.  It was very experimental, and at some points, keyboard sections and vocal parts even sounded as if they were taken off “Colors” or “The Parallax II”.  Overall the single is very interesting and I am definitely looking forward to the release of this new album!  Check out the new track below: