Track of the Day Tuesday: TROUBLED COAST Patient Hands


Today, the song you need to check out is Troubled Coast’s “Patient Hands”.  Troubled Coast are a melodic hardcore/aggressive pop punk band out of Berkeley, California, and to be honest, I just found out about this band only a few hours ago.  Recently I was on Merchnow browsing for new vinyl to pick up and I stumbled upon the remaining Troubled Coast records that were on sale.  The vinyl was so insanely cheap I had to check them out and possibly buy a copy.  After listening to their material I can without a doubt say that this EP, “I’ve Been Thinking About Leaving You”, is stellar!  The EP, which was released through Pure Noise Records in 2011, features a similar sound to Being As An Ocean, Hotel Books, Balance and Composure, and even Such Gold.  In fact, if you like any of BAAO’s melodic hardcore song structure intertwined with catchy choruses, you will love “Patient Hands”, especially since it sounds like it could easily be heard on Being As An Ocean’s self titled record.  Unfortunately the band broke up in 2013 and have since pursued other musical projects.  Even though the band is defunct, please give them a listen, and even pick up a record if you like what you hear as I’m sure the former members would be ecstatic to see people still enjoy their music.  I personally will be buying some of their vinyl this week and you should to!

“Patient Hands”, my favorite song by Troubled Coast so far, is attached below.  The group still has a somewhat active Facebook page, so be sure to give them a like, check out their new projects, or even send them a message letting them know how much you enjoy their discography!  Regardless, “Patient Hands” is without a doubt the “Track of the Day Tuesday” this week and is a song you definitely need to hear.  Stop by later this week for more reviews and music content!

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Breaking News: The Story So Far Release New Music Video For “Nerve”


Today I’ve written a bunch of posts about extremely heavy metal bands, so in order to lighten things up, here is the latest music video to be released by the Bay Area based pop punk band, The Story So Far.  The Story So Far has been, and always will be, my favorite pop punk band, and their 2015 self-titled release is the latest installment to their monumental discography.  Yesterday, the group released another music video for a track off their latest album.  The music video was for the first single they released off “The Story So Far”, called “Nerve”, and is pretty much a collection of multiple shots from a show the band played and shows just how electric their performances can be.  I’m speculating that The Story So Far will have another release for their fans in 2017, but for now give “The Story So Far” and their older material a listen and check out the new music video for “Nerve” from the greatest pop punk band of all time!