The Thursday Ten: 11/10/16


This week we have another installment to the segment, “The Thursday Ten”.  The rules are still the same as usual, and in fact, this week is actually very similar to last week’s post.  This week I have given ratings mostly to releases I wasn’t too fond of.  While there are some great albums in the list below, there are also some extremely cringe worthy ones mentioned.  However, don’t let my opinion stop you from giving these records a listen and determining your own opinion on them yourselves.  Like usual, every album mentioned can be heard on any of the major music streaming platforms, for those who want to give the records a listen.  Last week’s “The Thursday Ten” is also posted below if you are interested in reading older additions to this weekly segment!  Let us know what you think of the ratings in the comments below, make sure to follow the page to never miss an update to “The Thursday Ten”, and of course, all suggestions for records to be rated are always welcome.  Here is this week’s “The Thursday Ten”:

  1. Brokencyde – All Grown Up: 0/10
  2. The Chainsmokers – Collage EP: 7/10
  3. Young the Giant – Home of the Strange: 7/10
  4. Capsize – A Reintroduction: The Essence of All That Surrounds Me: 8/10
  5. Die Antwood – Mount Ninji and da Nice Time Kid: 1/10
  6. Beartooth – Aggressive: 5/10
  7. Fit For a King – Deathgrip: 7/10
  8. Attila – CHAOS: 3/10
  9. Meek Mill – DC4: 6/10
  10. Dayshell – Nexus: 8/10 

Last week’s “The Thursday Ten”:


Breaking News: ScHoolboy Q Releases Music Video For Track “Dope Dealer”


I can without a doubt say that this is probably my favorite rap music video released this year.  Danny Brown’s “Pneumonia” video was phenomenal, but this new video from ScHoolboy Q surpasses it easily as the best rap video I’ve seen all year.  In promotion of his 2016 release, “Blank Face LP”, ScHoolboy Q has released yet another music video, this time it’s for the track “Dope Dealer”, which features E-40.  The track is one of my favorites off “Blank Face LP”, so I was excited to say the least when ScHoolboy Q released the video late last week.

The video for the song features a near first person point of view that follows a marijuana plant as it is grown and distributed.  It also shows the events that occur from when the bud is first grown until it reaches ScHoolboy Q in his studio.  The video transitions between numerous violent and explicit scenes, and shots of ScHoolboy Q and E-40 rapping along to the track throughout the video.  Ultimately, this video is absolutely electric and keeps you glued to the screen throughout its near 4 minute playing time.  In my opinion, if Breaking Bad was a rap music video, this would be that music video.  This visual representation for “Dope Dealer” is cinematic, stellar, and looks like it could have easily been written and directed by Vince Gilligan himself.

“Blank Fact LP” is yet another album that will contend for a spot on the rap Albums and Mixtapes of the year.  If you have yet to check out this new record from ScHoolboy Q, I definitely suggest you start listening to it by watching the new music video for “Dope Dealer” below.  Be sure to check into the site as we get closer to releasing the rap Albums and Mixtapes of the year list!

Breaking News: Business Casual Releases BIZBOX #3


Today, one of the most prominent vaporwave/electronic labels, Business Casual, has released the third installment to their bi-monthly release promotion project called BIZBOX.  BIZBOX, which has become extremely popular since it first started last summer, is a series of releases where the founder of Business Casual, who goes by the stage name “christtt” and also has some of his own tracks included on this BIZBOX release, creates cassette tapes for certain releases and bundles these tapes with stickers, assorted merchandise, and a surprise cassette tape, usually of a record that had yet to be pressed on a physical format.  For example, BIZBOX 1, which featured Don Mason’s “Summer Love” also came with the surprise cassette tape for SYLLABUS’ “July”, which was never been pressed on cassette before.  These release projects are usually out of 200 and sell out extremely fast.

For BIZBOX 3, Business Casual has decided to bundle together “Digital Office” 1, 2, and 3 and has labeled the box set as ‘Office’.  Each “Digital Office” release is a compilation of artists who have released material through the label in the last few years.  The individual cassette tapes made for these releases when they initially came out have since sold out, so this is probably the last opportunity for fans to buy these records on cassette tape before they sell out for good.  Business Casual, who only release vaporwave and various electronic albums through free digital download and extremely limited cassette tape pressings, seem to have continued success with their BIZBOX projects and I won’t be surprised if this becomes a staple for the physical copy release aspect of their label.

Despite being really into vaporwave for the last few months, I still have a lot to learn about the young and up and coming genre.  However, I know for a fact that if you are a new fan to this style of music, like myself, Business Casual’s impressive catalog of releases is the best place for you to start.  Almost all of my favorite vaporwave artists have come from this label and the ability to download any release I want for free allows me, and other listeners, to have access to hours upon hours of the genre’s leading artists.  If you like what you hear definitely support the label and pick up your own copy of the BIZBOX 3 box set ‘Office’ before they are sold out for good.  The link to purchase the tapes are posted below along with free streaming of each “Digital Office”.  Who knows, maybe you’ll receive one of your favorite vaporwave releases on cassette tape as well with your purchase!