Breaking News: The Black Dahlia Murder Release Custom Glass Pipes for 4/20


In case you might live under a rock, today is April 20th, which is the international smoke marijuana day.  Many labels, artists, and even media sites in the industry will celebrate this joyous holiday in different ways.  Some labels might release THC themed content (like Nuclear Blast releasing a music video for the remix of Surgical Meth Machine’s “I’m Invisible”), other media sites might even dedicate the entire week to the plant (like Noisey’s weed week), and many artists will sell grinders and merchandise covered in designs with their logos and pot leaves.  However, nothing is as amazing as what the Black Dahlia Murder recently did for the stoner holiday.  Through Indiemerch, the band themselves sold 7 different colored pipes made by Chameleon Glass.  The pipes each featured the bands iconic logo on the stem and were unique to each of the 7 full length studio albums that TBDM has released in their impressive history as a metal band.  Each pipe was marked with a logo at the end of the bowl that represented the respective album and the entire pipe itself was colored to match the same respective album’s visual appearance, based off the album artwork.  A list of what pipe represents what album is listed below along with a picture of all 7 pipes on display.  Fans could also buy a travel bag covered in TBDM’s logo that could fit one pipe safely.

Unfortunately, these pipes, which were limited to 100 pieces per color, sold out practically instantly and cannot be purchased anywhere else.  The pipes, which sold for a reasonable $30 each, appear to have only been made for sale on April 20th, and the possibility of more being made in the future is unclear.  Who knows, maybe it will become a yearly tradition for The Black Dahlia Murder and other bands to sell well thought out and produced pipes at the tail end of April.  If you picked up a piece for yourself, let us know what you think of the product and if it was worth it or just a scheme for the marijuana holiday itself!


Pipe Colors:

Unhallowed (2003) – blue glass

Miasma (2005) – onyx black glass

Nocturnal (2007) – navy blue glass

Deflorate (2009) – clear glass

Ritual (2011) – green glass

Everblack (2013) – purple glass

Abysmal (2015) – amber glass



Breaking News: ScHoolboy Q Releases Music Video For Track “Dope Dealer”


I can without a doubt say that this is probably my favorite rap music video released this year.  Danny Brown’s “Pneumonia” video was phenomenal, but this new video from ScHoolboy Q surpasses it easily as the best rap video I’ve seen all year.  In promotion of his 2016 release, “Blank Face LP”, ScHoolboy Q has released yet another music video, this time it’s for the track “Dope Dealer”, which features E-40.  The track is one of my favorites off “Blank Face LP”, so I was excited to say the least when ScHoolboy Q released the video late last week.

The video for the song features a near first person point of view that follows a marijuana plant as it is grown and distributed.  It also shows the events that occur from when the bud is first grown until it reaches ScHoolboy Q in his studio.  The video transitions between numerous violent and explicit scenes, and shots of ScHoolboy Q and E-40 rapping along to the track throughout the video.  Ultimately, this video is absolutely electric and keeps you glued to the screen throughout its near 4 minute playing time.  In my opinion, if Breaking Bad was a rap music video, this would be that music video.  This visual representation for “Dope Dealer” is cinematic, stellar, and looks like it could have easily been written and directed by Vince Gilligan himself.

“Blank Fact LP” is yet another album that will contend for a spot on the rap Albums and Mixtapes of the year.  If you have yet to check out this new record from ScHoolboy Q, I definitely suggest you start listening to it by watching the new music video for “Dope Dealer” below.  Be sure to check into the site as we get closer to releasing the rap Albums and Mixtapes of the year list!