Vinyl and Cassette News: Burial’s “YOUNG DEATH / NIGHTMARKET” Accidently Gets Released Early On Vinyl


In case you missed it, Burial, the legendary English electronic producer and recording artist, recently released his latest project “YOUNG DEATH / NIGHTMARKET (HDB100).  The short EP, which was officially released only a few days ago, features an experimental ambient sound accompanied with reverb filled synths and multiple, altered samples that give the project an overall sound unique to Burial himself.  This new EP is very fascinating and is both relaxing and compelling, causing the listener to feel at ease yet never lose interest or focus on the material.

The release itself is stellar, and I will most likely follow up this post with an official review of the project, but the most prominent news to come from this release actually isn’t about the material, but how it was distributed.  Days before the EP was supposed to have a surprise release, it suddenly surfaced on Discogs.  Stunned, Burial fans quickly reacted to this update and wondered if this was a legitimate, new release from Burial and where they could get themselves a copy of this record.  It was soon realized that the Discogs update was made in response to a Toronto record shop, called Sonic Boom Records, accidentally selling the release early on Black Friday.  Sonic Boom Records, who received the new 12″ records by mail, assumed the new release was a Black Friday secret listing and because of this 5 copies were accidentally sold to Toronto customers.  This project, which was eventually officially released on Burial’s official Bandcamp page on November 28th, is the first solo project of 2016 by the British artist.  Once the vinyl EP was officially released it quickly sold out on Burial’s site and has since been selling extremely fast at local record shops in both North America and Europe.  There are still numerous places that have a copy left to purchase, including the 53 individual listings on Discogs selling the 12″ for as little as $8.57, however this record will definitely sell out completely eventually.

If you are an electronic music fan you need to listen to this release.  In my opinion, this will most likely be one of the best EPs you hear all year.  If you are unfamiliar with Burial this is a very good place to start, however his discography is extremely immense and filled with great material, so checking out any release from the South London based artist is highly recommended.  The link to purchase the 12” vinyl record from Discogs is attached below along with the full EP stream.  Give it a listen, check out the other electronic reviews and music content posted on this site, and be sure to visit often for more electronic, vinyl, and cassette news!

Breaking News: Enter Shikari Release New Single “Hoodwinker”


Punk and electronic inspired rock group Enter Shikari released a brand new single yesterday on most prominent music streaming services called “Hoodwinker”.  This new track is their first new material to be released since last year’s successful release of “The Mindsweep”.  This new track is more on their experimental side and also a little heavy for the group as well considering “The Mindsweep” featured more softer sounding rock tracks like “Anaestheist” and “Dear Future Historians…”.  “Hoodwinker” opens up with a large collection of feedback soon followed by hardcore-like chugging and harsh vocals.  From there an eerie guitar lead begins to accompany the political themed lyrics and from this moment on the classic Shikari sound is put on display.  This track is definitely a little different for Enter Shikari, however the melodic choruses and superb lyricism are exactly what every Enter Shikari fan knows and loves.

It does appear that “Hoodwinker” might be referencing the political climate in Great Britain following the “Brexit” vote that happened earlier this year.  Being very politically active and outspoken themselves, I wouldn’t be surprised if Shikari wrote this song based on the recent events and results of this drastic decision made by British officials and voters.  Lyrics like “Hold, freeze, who goes there? Do you have the right documentation?” and “You always get what you wanted” suggest that this new track was influenced by the these unfolding events.  Regardless of the motivation, this is another great release by Enter Shikari.

The music video, which just came out today, is posted below!  Be sure to check out this new song by Enter Shikari and let us know what you think!