Breaking News: Hans Zimmer Set to Play 2017 Coachella


Recently, one of the largest music festivals in the world, Coachella, released their full 2017 lineup.  The list of artists confirmed for the festival is extremely impressive, like usual, but one name stood out over the rest.  That name happened to be Hans Zimmer.  For those of you who might not be familiar with him, Hans Zimmer is probably the greatest composer of the 21st century.  Composing the scores to successful films like “The Lion King”, “Batman Begins”, “The Da Vinci Code”, “12 Years A Slave”, and my all time favorite movie and Original Soundtrack, “Inception”, Hans Zimmer’s legacy and discography is immensely impressive.  That being said I was both shocked and pleasantly surprised to see that he would be performing at Coachella this year.  Zimmer will often perform at concert halls and other venues appropriate for the scores he has written, but I was unaware that he also performed at festivals, especially those like Coachella that usually host pop and electronic artists, like for example Beyonce, who will be headlining the Saturday lineup.

Personally, I would attend Coachella this year just to see Hans Zimmer.  Being able to watch a legendary composer perform fantastic scores in a peculiar environment is probably the only way I could justify paying the ridiculous price for a single Coachella ticket.  Don’t get me wrong, there are other phenomenal artists featured on the lineup this year as well, but nothing compares to the fact that Hans Zimmer will actually have a set time at one of the world’s biggest festivals. If you are going, or planning on attending I highly suggest seeing Zimmer’s performance!  Hopefully some recorded version of his set will be released online afterwards, as I am extremely interested in seeing what songs he will perform, how he will perform them at the festival, and most importantly, how this will all fit into the unique atmosphere at Coachella!

The full lineup and dates for the festival are attached below!  We’ve had an extremely slow start to 2017, but I promise we have a lot more in store for this year, including a seamlessly never-ending list of album reviews, and of course, our Album of the Year list!  Thank you for your patience and continued support and we hope you enjoy all of the content we plan on sharing with you very soon!