Breaking News: Hail the Sun Releases Music Video For “Doing the Same Thing and Expecting Different Results”


One of the most underrated post hardcore bands in the scene today, Hail the Sun, has released another music video for their third full length record, “Culture Scars”.  The third music video in support of their first release through Equal Vision Records is for the track titled “Doing the Same Thing and Expecting Different Results”, which is Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity.  The track itself is very interesting and intricate, as it starts off with a smooth intro that even features melodies from a clavichord and also contains other riffs in the song that are more intense or even jazz influenced at some moments.  That being said, I was very interested to see how Hail the Sun would portray this complexity in the shape of a music video.

After watching the video I can assure you that the music video is equally as impressive as the audio track itself, if not more.  the massive collection of different shots and camera angles seen, fantastic symbolism that help connect the viewer to the meaning of the song itself, and the use of a setting that appears to be based off the room pictured in the album artwork make this a fantastic visual addition to “Culture Scars”.  Personally, I would have loved it if the three shots of the room in the cabin depicted in the album’s artwork were shown in this video or even a scene where Donovan and the other main character are walking through the snow covered woods to the cabin shown in the overheard shot at the beginning of the music video, but even without either one of these ideas the video is still extremely captivating.

I must say that even though the music video is phenomenal for “Doing the Same Thing and Expecting Different Results”, “Burn Nice and Slow (The Formative Years)” is still the best track on the 2016 album.  Although, after a few more listens my opinion on what is the best track on “Culture Scars” could easily change.  Check out the video for “Doing the Same Thing and Expecting Different Results” and let us know what track you think is the strongest song heard on this third full length album from Nor. Cal post hardcore leaders, Hail the Sun!


“Doing the Same Thing and Expecting Different Results”: