Vinyl and Cassette News: UNFD Represses “Discoveries” by Northlane Along With Other Significant Releases


Recently Australian punk and metal label, UNFD, released a select amount of represses from Australian metalcore giants Northlane, In Hearts Wake, and The Amity Affliction.  Releases like The Amity Affliction’s “Severed Ties”, In Hearts Wake’s “Earthwalker”, “Skydancer”, and “Divination”, and Northlane’s “Singularity” were all rereleased on 3 separate variants each.  However, the most significant repress out of all of these releases is the repressing of Northlane’s “Discoveries”.  “Discoveries”, which is Northlane’s debut full-length album, is not only one of their best releases, but it is also one of their rarest releases on physical formats.  Before this repress, “Discoveries” was on two different variants; Nebula Swirl and White each limited to 150 copies.  It also had two pressings on CD, but those are even harder to find copies for sale.  The vinyl copies, however, are not only limited, but extremely expensive as well.  The White variant can be bought for as little as $120 on Discogs and has been sold for as much as $178.  The Nebula Swirl variant on the other hand is nearly three times as expensive, selling for as little as $308 and as high as $360!  So it’s fair to say that this repress was huge news for any fan of Northlane who never got a chance to own their first record on vinyl.

Unfortunately, “Discoveries” is sold out on nearly every site it was being sold on.  Merchnow and 24 Hundred are already sold out completely, but some online stores have a few copies left!  I’ve attached all links to pick up any variant below for those who want to buy a copy before they’re sold out completely.  The album is stellar to say the least, so if you are on the fence about picking up a copy for yourself, I highly suggest you grab one, especially since these represses might go up in price once they are totally sold out online!  We still have a few more posts left before the end of 2016 so check back in to see what we have left to release!

UNFD European website:

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Vinyl and Cassette News: Burial’s “YOUNG DEATH / NIGHTMARKET” Accidently Gets Released Early On Vinyl


In case you missed it, Burial, the legendary English electronic producer and recording artist, recently released his latest project “YOUNG DEATH / NIGHTMARKET (HDB100).  The short EP, which was officially released only a few days ago, features an experimental ambient sound accompanied with reverb filled synths and multiple, altered samples that give the project an overall sound unique to Burial himself.  This new EP is very fascinating and is both relaxing and compelling, causing the listener to feel at ease yet never lose interest or focus on the material.

The release itself is stellar, and I will most likely follow up this post with an official review of the project, but the most prominent news to come from this release actually isn’t about the material, but how it was distributed.  Days before the EP was supposed to have a surprise release, it suddenly surfaced on Discogs.  Stunned, Burial fans quickly reacted to this update and wondered if this was a legitimate, new release from Burial and where they could get themselves a copy of this record.  It was soon realized that the Discogs update was made in response to a Toronto record shop, called Sonic Boom Records, accidentally selling the release early on Black Friday.  Sonic Boom Records, who received the new 12″ records by mail, assumed the new release was a Black Friday secret listing and because of this 5 copies were accidentally sold to Toronto customers.  This project, which was eventually officially released on Burial’s official Bandcamp page on November 28th, is the first solo project of 2016 by the British artist.  Once the vinyl EP was officially released it quickly sold out on Burial’s site and has since been selling extremely fast at local record shops in both North America and Europe.  There are still numerous places that have a copy left to purchase, including the 53 individual listings on Discogs selling the 12″ for as little as $8.57, however this record will definitely sell out completely eventually.

If you are an electronic music fan you need to listen to this release.  In my opinion, this will most likely be one of the best EPs you hear all year.  If you are unfamiliar with Burial this is a very good place to start, however his discography is extremely immense and filled with great material, so checking out any release from the South London based artist is highly recommended.  The link to purchase the 12” vinyl record from Discogs is attached below along with the full EP stream.  Give it a listen, check out the other electronic reviews and music content posted on this site, and be sure to visit often for more electronic, vinyl, and cassette news!

Vinyl and Cassette News: Promo Tape For Prince’s “The Versace Experience – Prelude 2 Gold” Sets Record For Most Expensive Cassette Sold On Discogs


Discogs is easily one of my favorite sites to buy vinyl and cassettes from, and even though I’ve spent a questionable amount of money on these formats, this is unheard of!  Apparently on August 29th, someone on Discogs paid exactly $4,049.07 USD (which may or may not have included shipping) for Prince’s 1995 release of “The Versace Experience – Prelude 2 Gold”, ultimately setting the record for the most expensive cassette sold on Discogs.  With Prince’s untimely death earlier this year, fans of his have been scrambling to pick up represses and rare releases to both add to their collections and to also pay tribute to the late icon himself.  Apparently this promo tape is one of the rarest releases from Prince and was only distributed at the Versace collection at Paris Fashion Week in 1995.  It features rare, previously unreleased tracks and remixes by both Prince and projects affiliated with Prince.  According to Discogs, there are 8 people who claim they own a copy of this extremely rare and valuable tape, but no one has sold a copy since August 29th.

Prince was one of the first artist I ever listened to and is one of the reasons why music is a huge part of my life today.  However, it is nearly impossible to be familiar with all of his absolutely massive collection of releases, so despite being a fan of Prince, I have actually never heard of this promo tape before.  I do plan on finding a way to listen to it though, especially seeing that someone was willing to pay a little over 4 thousand dollars for it!  Unfortunately, I’ll have to listen to it through streaming rather than on tape, because unlike whoever bought the promo cassette, my tape budget is not very high at all.

The link to the Discogs page, where the tape was sold, is attached below for those who would like to check it out.  While there, look through Prince’s extensive discography and give a listen to your favorite Prince album!

Also for future reference, “Vinyl and Cassette News” is another new segment, which I just launched, that will be the hub for all breaking news about vinyl and cassette tapes.  Being a huge collector of these formats myself, I will be writing in this segment often!  If you enjoy these formats as much as I do then make sure to check back in to the site often as I will be updating the segment regularly!