Breaking News: Speak The Truth…Even If Your Voice Shakes Release First Single


For those who didn’t hear, Buddy Nielson of Senses Fail and the majority of the members of Finch recently joined together to make a post-hardcore band that, in their words, “sounds like 2002”.  All members of this new supergroup come from bands that were groundbreaking groups in the early 2000’s emo and post-hardcore genres.  Because of this, they have decided to unite to help recreate that sound while also adding more modern post-hardcore as well.

The group officially came together earlier this year when, according to Buddy, a tour between Finch and Senses Fail fell through.  Because of this, Finch members reached out to Buddy, and asked if he would want to form a side project group called “Speak The Truth…Even If Your Voice Shakes”.  Neilson himself had never been in a serious, established band besides his own Senses Fail, so due to the interest of actually doing a side project, “Speak The Truth…” was born.

The band have released their first single ever called, “Crash My Car”.  The song is very catchy, but to me lacks the ability to be an instant classic, unlike older Senses Fail and Finch material.  I do believe, however that this band will eventually release material to that caliber, but for now this is a great musical debut.  You can pre-order their first vinyl release, a 7″ featuring “Crash My Car” and another single to be released later, below at the Bad Timing Records pre-order page, however the rarest variant has already sold out.  Also check out their first music video below and get stoked for all that “Speak The Truth…” has to offer in the near future!

7″ Pre-Order:

“Crash My Car” Music Video: