Full Album Review To Be Postponed To Next Monday

So far there are two different types of album reviews that are posted on this site.  There are 500 Word album reviews, which are posted often on this site, and there are full album reviews that tend to be posted every other Monday.  Unfortunately, the full album review that is due today will have to be postponed.  The reason for this is because the Australian band, who will be releasing their second full length album, which I plan on reviewing, has not released a stream for their full album yet, which is due out this Friday.  They have released 3 expectation-shattering singles so far, but don’t appear to be planning on releasing the rest of the material anytime soon.  Because of this I’ve decided to write a full album review a week late and make up for this by posting a few 500 Word album reviews this week instead.  I have a lot of content on deck for the next two weeks so make sure to check in frequently and thanks again for reading the blog!