Welcome to Erik’s Album Reviews! Established in 2015, Erik’s Album Reviews is home for all news, album reviews, and any other music related posts and content. Questions, comments, submissions, and requests are always welcome and they can be sent to eriksalbumreviews@gmail.com. Current Segments:

– The Album Reviews (Full reviews usually posted on Mondays)
– 500 Word Reviews (Frequently posted album reviews. 500 words or less)
– Breaking News (All music content and news posted as it happens)
– Urgent Press Conference (Extremely important music news, content, etc. shared immediately, sometimes as a video)
– Track of the Day Tuesday (The song I’m listening to and the one you need to every Tuesday)
– The Thursday Ten (Ten quick album ratings every Thursday. Requests for full reviews are welcome)
– Obituaries (The latest bands to break up/go on hiatus/etc)
– Vinyl and Cassette News (All breaking news pertaining to vinyl and cassette releases)


Follow the Twitter page at @albumreviewsbyE for exclusive daily content!

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