Breaking News: Danny Brown Releases Lyric Video For Track “Really Doe”


In continued promotion of his latest project, “Atrocity Exhibition”, Danny Brown has released a lyric video for one of the initial singles, “Really Doe”, which features verses from Ab-Soul, Earl Sweatshirt, and also features both a verse and a chorus from Kendrick Lamar.  This track, which is one of my favorites off this experimental release, has quickly seen widespread, positive feedback from fans, so it is only fitting that one of the most successful songs would also get a lyric video.

The lyric video features a rough, altered mashup VHS quality videos of each rapper performing, crowd shots, and various street shots, often running simultaneously, with the lyrics scrolling up in red text.  The video is extremely dark, experimental, and visually odd in a compelling way, and completely embodies the theme and sound of “Atrocity Exhibition”.  Even though I still think the music video for “Pneumonia” is still the best visual project associated with Danny Brown’s fourth studio album, it is obvious that this lyric video is the best, or at least one of the best, video representations of the record.  The eeriness of this distorted video is directly related to the warped artwork for “Atrocity Exhibition”, and in my opinion, makes watching this lyric video essential in order to truly understand the underlying theme of dark and odd experimentation seen on this project.

I have gotten extremely behind on album reviews, but I promise the review for “Atrocity Exhibition” will be out soon!  I can almost guarantee that this will be the greatest rap album released this year and will definitely be in the top 10 for the Albums of the Year list.  I highly suggest anyone reading this to watch this unique lyric video and check out the rest of the latest Danny Brown record.  My previous review of the “Pneumonia” music video is also posted below and be sure to check out the album review of “Atrocity Exhibition”, which should be out next week!

“Pneumonia” Music Video Review:

“Really Doe” Lyric Video:

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