Breaking News: Danny Brown Releases New Music Video For The Track “Pneumonia”


Detroit rap legend, Danny Brown, has recently released his fourth studio album, “Atrocity Exhibition”.  To go alongside this record, Danny has released two music videos for singles off his latest project.  The first video was for the first single “When It Rain” and late last week the second video was released for the second single, “Pneumonia”.  With the exemption of “Really Doe”, these two tracks are probably my favorites so far off this new album.  They are both extremely experimental that feature hard hitting, in your face beats with deep and very personal lyrics.  I might slightly prefer “Pneumonia” over “When It Rain”, but regardless both of these tracks are outstanding and were great singles that represent the album in a positive way.

The video for “Pneumonia” is by far the better music video out of the two that were released for “Atrocity Exhibition”.  In fact, this is without a doubt one of the greatest rap music videos I’ve ever watched before.  The video features two main shots throughout the song.  One shot is of Danny Brown dressed up in a suit apparently doing a press conference of some sort where he raps the lyrics to this track behind a podium with a sole microphone attached.  The other shot, which is the majority of the video and the most memorable shot in the video is of Danny attached to multiple, long hanging chain links, which appear to be coming out of the sky.  These chains often have him swaying above the ground in a position similar to that of a puppet on a string.  While he raps through the song the chains manipulate, drag, and throw Danny around like a rag doll and possibly serve as a metaphor for Danny being absolutely helpless and controlled by aspects of his life that he is dependent on or “chained” to.

The song itself is equally as notable as the video.  “Pneumonia” features a bizarre beat with multiple eerie bells and bass lines.  The song is as dark and ominous as the video itself, but at the same time it is also one of the most addictive songs on the project and simply cannot be played once without instantly replaying it.  The lyrics appear to be telling the story of Danny’s past experience in drug dealing throughout Detroit, however in an interview he did recently, Danny goes on to say that “Pneumonia” is actually a party song and doesn’t fit in with any themes or concepts that might be heard on “Atrocity Exhibition”.  Despite this, the lyrics themselves help emphasis the dark and serious tone heard on this song and without knowing about Danny’s statement, it’s hard to classify this song as a party song after hearing its unique sound. I still need to listen to the entire record a few more times before I can make a well-thought out opinion about the album, but I can say for sure that this is one of the greatest tracks on the latest Danny Brown release and is also one of the greatest rap songs you will hear in all of 2016.

I have been working on a review of this project for the last few days and I should have it posted on here very soon!  Watch the stellar video for “Pneumonia” below and while you’re at it listen to the rest of “Atrocity Exhibition”.  If your opinion about this video is different then what I have said, or if we agree with the significance of this track, then let us know in the comments!

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