Track of the Day Tuesday: AMERICAN FOOTBALL I’ve Been So Lost For So Long


This week the track of the day is by the Illinois based rock band, American Football.  Releasing their self titled masterpiece in 1999, American Football has solidified themselves as one of the most influential and inspiring bands for indie rock and pop punk.  Since that release, the group took a 15 year break only to reunite in 2014 for some live performances and reissues of their classic discography.  Now, on October 21st, American Football will be releasing their second album, “American Football (LP 2)”, after a 17 year wait.  “I’ve Been Lost For So Long” is the first single to be released in this near two decade gap and already hints that the classic rock band will easily surpass expectations for their upcoming release.

When you listen to this song it’s obvious that the band has grown over the years, regardless if you were aware of their significant gap between releases.  The songwriting, and of course the vocals themselves, sound more mature and are a musical representation of running into an old friend for the first time in years.  You can hear how the years since 1999 have had an impact on members, but the familiar sound is still present from when we last heard from them.  I actually like this sound a little more than the one heard on their debut LP so far, mostly because I believe the deeper, emotion filled vocals and the more advanced songwriting style exemplify the more wise, yet even sadder sound that embodies this single.  The vocals especially are sad yet happy, somber yet peaceful, depressing yet uplifting, and make listening to this new track a truly memorable experience.

You absolutely need to check out this new American Football song, regardless of your opinion of them.  Also be sure to check in later this month for an album review of the upcoming album, “American Football (LP 2)”, and check out the first single, “I’ve Been So Lost For So Long”, below!

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