500 Word Review: Expire “With Regret”


As mentioned earlier, Wisconsin based hardcore act, Expire, will be breaking up next year after being a notable hardcore band for 8 years.  With this news came the release of their last full length album, “With Regret”, which was released through Bridge 9 Records on September 23rd.  This record is Expire’s farewell album and absolutely proves that Expire is going out with a bang.  Being a fan of the group for the last few years, it was bittersweet listening to this final album by the group seeing that the record itself is phenomenal, possibly their greatest release ever, yet this is the very end of this great hardcore band.

Throughout “With Regret” it is obvious that the production on this record surpasses anything they’ve released so far.  The final product is crisp, clear, and shows a perfect balance between every instrument and vocal track heard throughout the release.  It also gives a much needed emphasis to more aggressive and hard hitting sections, in return strengthening the iconic sound of Expire.

This high quality production also helps to clearly showcase the multiple strengths heard throughout Expire’s third full length album.  Things like fast tempo catchy riffs followed by bone-crushing sections, brutally raw bass lines, precise yet impactful drum fills, and anger filled emotive lyrics that at times can be both depressing and inspiring (especially when looking at the lyrics for “Fighting the Slip”), help create the most significant and prominent parts of “With Regret” and make this record phenomenal.  There truly is not a single dull moment throughout the release, although the fact that the longest song on the release is only 2:02 might help contribute to this.  In fact, my only complaint about the release itself is that it is not long enough.  “With Regret” comes in at 22 minutes and while I understand that these brief songs are unique to Expire’s songwriting, I still believe they should have finished their last album with at least 15 songs.  With not a single bad track on this album, it would’ve made their farewell release even more electric with a massive collection of legendary songs to give to fans as their last official release.  However, “With Regret” is nearly flawless and is a great way for the Wisconsin hardcore group to ride off into the sunset.

In summation, I give “With Regret” by Expire an 8.7/10.  If you haven’t listened to the record yet the full album stream is posted below and if you like it make sure you buy a digital or physical copy!  I’ve also posted the blog I did recently about their announcement that they would be playing their final shows next year.

RIP Expire you will truly be missed.


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