Obituaries: RIP Abiotic and Expire


Today I’m releasing a new segment called “Obituaries”, where I’ll be writing about the latest band(s) to break up, go on hiatus, etc.  Of course if these artists ever return and end their break up there will be an updated post, however if an artist or significant figure in the music industry actually passes away, they will be remembered in a different post and will never be featured in Obituaries.

Now that I got that out of the way, the first two bands to be featured on Obituaries are Abiotic and Expire!  Both groups announced they would be breaking up this month for different reasons.

The first of the two, Abiotic, is a band I honestly never listened to despite numerous recommendations over the years.  I even have their album Symbiosis on my iTunes library (a download of the album my friend gave me as a gift along with other albums) yet I never checked them out until this announcement.  Of course, after listening to them I realize how amazing they are and can’t believe there is yet another group out there that I have just become a fan of as they’re breaking up.  Abiotic, during their time as a band, released an EP and two full length records.  However, life as a tech death band can be very hard and I don’t blame them for calling it quits, I just wish I hit play on their material a long time ago.

The other band calling it quits is Expire.  Expire is a band I have actually been a fan of for awhile now.  I first heard about them with their release of Pretty Low and began to really enjoy their more aggressive hardcore sound.  I was actually really bummed to hear they were breaking up especially since I haven’t seen them live at all.  They are releasing their last album ever called “With Regret” out September 23rd via Bridge 9 Records and are on Stick To Your Guns’ fall tour.  The band did announce that this is not their last tour and that their final North American tour will be in 2017 where they will be playing a lot of older material including songs off their 2009 Demo.  Hopefully they’ll hit my city on their farewell tour.

If you’ve never listened to these artists before definitely check them out and go see Expire play on their last few tours ever!

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